Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gods and goddesses of Egypt

Gods and godesses of Egypt were often represented as animals or other forces of nature.Here you can find list of gods and goddesses of egypt and the shape in which they were represented centuries ago.The information shown below is drawn from areceological foundings in Ancient Egypt.You can click the particular deity you are interested in to read article on wikipedia about Gods and goddesses of Egypt.
  • Ra is the eagle god of the sun and,he has a falcon head.
  • Anubis is the god of mummification
  • Bast is the Cat goddess.
  • Sehkmet goddess of fire, war and plague
  • Serqet is the goddess of scorpions
  • Nut is the goddess of sky and stars, mother of gods.
  • Geb is the green god of Earth, and vegetation.
  • Horus is the god with falcon's head, god of pharaohs and sky.
  • Osiris is the god of the afterlife.
  • Isis is the goddess of magic and healing, wife of Osiris.
  • Seth is the god of deserts and evil.
  • Thoth is the scribe god and the god of forethought, writing, and wisdom.
  • Ma'at is the goddess of truth.
  • Amun is the god of Thebes, king of gods in New Kingdom.
  • Wadjet is the goddess of pregnancy and motherhood, goddess in snake form.
  • Anuket is the goddess of river Nile.
  • Hathor is the goddess of the moon and children.
  • Ptah is the creator god
  • Bes is the dwarf god of safe journey
  • Sobek is the god of crocodiles.
  • Aten is the "king" of the gods