Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ancient egyptian gods and goddesses

Ancient egyptian gods and goddesses worshiping is dating in ancient times of pre-dynastic Egypt.Tribes that later formed Egypt that we know today gave each of their ancient egyptian gods an animal shape.Following the timeline,animal shape of ancient egyptian gods and godesses is taking human form so gods like Anubis(left picture) shows this trasition best because of his half-human form.Some ancient egyptian gods were born from the myths or stories,this myths came from natural disasters that happend in Egypt so Egyptian people needed an explanation for what was happening,the conclusion was that they made gods angy with their sins so Gods are returning it to them by flooding or by some other disaster.People of Egypt had strong belif in afterlife,often they buried family members with tools,jewlery,food,drink,weapons and other things that the dead could use in their afterlife.Some artifacts were found as proof of that but most were stolen by tomb thiefs later.Ancient egyptian gods and godesses were probably mostly worshiped because of people's fear about gods rage and natural disasters.