Friday, June 25, 2010

Sumerian Gods and Goddesses

The Sumerans belived that Gods controll the earth and sky,they respresented them as beings with good intentions.Altought Sumerans belived that their Gods had good intetions they also belived that when man commited sin,their Gods got angry and punished people for sins by letting out demons who then punished people with diseases and envirmonetal disasters.They also belived that demon God lived in Gulf of Persia and punished them for sin,because of fequent floods on their land.List of Sumerian Gods
  • Ama -Arhus:Fertility Goddess
  • An: God of heaven/the firmament.
  • Ashnan:Grain Goddess
  • Damkina:Earth Mother
  • Enlil: God of the air (from Lil = Air); patron deity of Nippur.
  • Enki: God of freshwater, male fertility, and knowledge; patron deity of Eridu.
  • Ereshkigal: Sky Goddess
  • Gula: Goddess of Health
  • Inanna: Goddess of sexual love, female fertility and warfare; patron deity of Uruk
  • Ki: Goddess of the earth.
  • Nanna, God of the moon; one of the patron deities of Ur.
  • Nammu:Goddess of Creation
  • Nanshe:Goddess of justice and prophecy
  • Nidaba:Goddess of knowlege
  • Ningal: Wife of Nanna.
  • Ninhursag:Goddess of Birth
  • Ninkasi:Goddess of alcohol
  • Ninlil: An air goddess and wife of Enlil; one of the patron deities of Nippur; she was believed to reside in the same temple as Enlil.
  • Ninurta: God of war, agriculture, one of the Sumerian wind gods; patron deity of Girsu and one of the patron deities of Lagash
  • Utu: God of the sun at the E'barbara temple of Sippar.
  • Sarpanit: A mother goddess
  • Sirtir: Goddess of sheep.

    Tuesday, June 22, 2010

    Ancient Gods and Goddesses

    This Blog is created for every one who wants to know little about ancient Gods And Goddesses and all interesting history parts where they had their fingers in.There are many myths about gods and people over centuries,that I will post here so if you love myths,gods and goddesses keep following this blog and you will learn everything about ancient history and Gods and Goddesses that ruled the earth over centuries.I will post how tribes and nations worshiped their gods and how did they sacrificed animals and other people to keep their gods satisfied.Interesting thing is that many tribes and nations worshiped same Gods and Goddesses,only each of them where named differently in each culture.This blog will cover nations and tribes that were Polytheistic and had believed in multiple Gods and Goddesses.In mythology there is belief that specific Gods and Goddesses had specific supernatural powers.Gods and Goddesses in mythology were immortal.Trough history half-gods are were mentioned,they were in many cases children of Gods and Goddesses and humans,some of them were immortal as well.In history they were represented as creatures or as superheroes with supernatural powers.